King of Wands -- Card of the Week November 10th

By Carolyn Agis

A powerful court card inspires us this week! The King of Wands represents air of fire, since all Kings are air and all wands are fire. You can imagine that air of fire is very catching! The air actually feeds the flame and can carry it a great distance, consuming everything in its path. This can be very exciting and potentially dangerous. Light and shadow.


As fire and air are the masculine elements in the Tarot (as opposed to feminine water and earth) this card is electrically male--assertive and empowered. This king activates, animates, and initiates. He is a leader with galvanizing vision.


Like every card in the Tarot, there are higher and lower polarities in our charismatic King of Wands. This King rules the heat of summer, partially present in Cancer and then presiding over the first half of Leo. Conjure the Leo within and you will see the King of Wands in that lion’s mane. Sometimes that mane needs to be stroked; however, we know through experience that bold confidence can easily tip into the shadow of arrogant self-righteousness.


However, we have nothing to fear here. Our beloved King helps us to zoom out this week and see where our joy truly resides. He asks us to connect with our excitement, generate some heat, and burn bright. Last week’s High Priestess offered the cool, healing waters of feminine knowing and the unconscious. What a wonderful experience this week to enjoy the masculine heat of vision and action. Go to it, dear ones. Know that your vision is clear. You have all the courage you need.

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