All about fairies


Do you believe in fairies?

Remember that part of Peter Pan where they asked you to help bring the fairies back to life? Remember the words? “I do believe in fairies, I do, I do, I do.” Please say them. Say them often. 

What are fairies?

Fairies are light beings who belong to the earth realm. They are here to watch over mother earth, and are particularly fond of plants and animals. Often plants and animals will be surrounded by fairies. Fairies also like to party. Famous for drinking mead and dancing in rounds, fairies like to stay up all night, to dance and play and play tricks on people just for fun. 

Have you ever tried to draw one?

 We dare you to do it now. Trickier than you’d imagine, right? Fairies resist being drawn. Tricksters by nature, fairies don’t want to be pinned down. They also like to play tricks on humans, because they find them fun. Remember Shakespeare’s Puck? Mucking up love spells? Although it seems Puck did this out of honest confusion (Hermia for Helena, Demetrius for Lysander), it’s not so hard to imagine that Puck also just like getting all turned around and inside out and upside down. 

Fairies are good at hiding car keys, buzzing around your ears to irritate you, getting you caught in strange situations, so it’s good to be on their good side. The images that we often get of sweet, darling fairies are a Victorian glossing over of the ancient and complex fairy creature. In his book Good Faeries/Bad Faeries, Brian Froud does an incredible job of drawing fairies (he clearly communicates with them). It’s clear from his drawings that the happy go lucky, pastel colored renderings are only one side of the coin. Like humans, fairies are multi-layered and they have shadow sides. 

Image: Brian Froud


How do I get on a fairy’s good side?

Walk out in nature and tell the fairies you’d like to connect with them, that you’d like to work with them. Often, they will give you a task to see if you come with honest intentions and want to help the environment. This could be something like cleaning up garbage left out in a natural setting. You will know what the task is. If you make environmental awareness and friendliness a priority in your life, you’re well on your way to making friends of the fay folk. 

Fairies like shiny things and sweet things. You can leave an offering of tin foil, shiny jewelry, chocolate, or honey on your window sill or in nature for them to play with. 

What is fairy school?

Fairy school is a new after school program channeled by three of our Reiki  Masters, Lyndsey Harrington, Elyssa Jakim, and Lisa Levine. On the last day of a retreat in upstate new york, they spent an evening giggling like fairies and creating this program. 

As healing arts practitioners, their intention is to hold a space for children to play and to explore their dreams, creativity, and connection to realms beyond the physical. Fairy School is open to boys and girls, fairies, elves and leprechauns between the ages of 5-12. Through a curriculum of healing arts, creative play, and studies in ecological awareness, fairy school aims to fill in the gaps left by contemporary schooling and modern living with tools for the imagination. Younger children will be guided through activities including meditation, arts and crafts, performance, dance, and lessons in fairy lore. Older children will also be introduced to more advanced arts such as herbalism, astrology, and crystal healing.

Lyndsey, Elyssa, and Lisa invite you to share in the fairy magic this Sunday at Maha Rose. There will be magic wand making, theater games, tea leaf readings, fairies, and so much more.


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