Bliss and Gratitude Retreat in Mazunte, Mexico

We asked the angels, “What do people thinking about going to Mexico for Lisa Levine's bliss and gratitude retreat need to know?” And the angels answered loud and clear with Shower of Abundance


Buckets of gold, a windfall of money. Perhaps this trip is just what you need to restore your natural abundance. Paradoxically, sometimes when we spend money on ourselves, to treat ourselves and to honor our worth, the universe answers boldly and the gold comes pouring in. Lisa’s retreat is a chance to experience nature’s ripe abundance in all of its vastness. The warm, blue ocean harkens Juliet’s words on love “My bounty is as boundless as the sea. My love as deep. The more I give to thee the more I have, for both are infinite.”  

Mazunte, Mexico in Oaxaca, is a home of sea turtles. You fly there and you will fly. You will call in the fairies, you will dance in your bliss, you will shake your blues away, you will do breath work to connect to your deep truth and voice, you will let your inner warriors and gods and goddesses out to flourish. You will meditate to still your busy fall-cluttered mind. You will eat beautiful, home-cooked, local food, and become part of a community of like-minded travelers co-creating a group healing experience. What transformations will ensue? Your only limits are the sea and sky (or are they the cosmos? haha). Sounds pretty abundant!

A student of Amma and the founder of Maha Rose, Lisa has a unique ability to help others feel the loving consciousness that exists all around us. She leads us to powerful places of self-awareness, laughter, connection, magic, inspiration, unstuckness, bliss, bliss, and bliss. Amma teaches us that Love is what heals. Supported by the love that mother nature has for all of her children, this retreat may be exactly what you need to restore and replenish this Thanksgiving. A chance to give thanks for and celebrate all of the abundance, all of the sweet bounty of your youness. 

Come back glowing. We’ll take before and after pics :) 

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