Mapping your Tribe through Embodied Creative Play

The Reiki master training is all about teaching. On my master retreat led by Lisa Levine this summer, Lisa suggested we all teach a class one morning. The class could be on anything and would be a chance for us to get feedback on our teaching styles.

Marisa Sullivan went first and taught psychodrama with group geometry. Let me tell you her work was beautiful. “Put your hand on the woman you would like to support today.” When two distinct hands went on my shoulders, grateful tears grew behind my eyes. “I am supported by these women,” I thought. And without this simple action, I would not have known. I would have continued feeling a little scared and solitary. This was a huge gift for me to know I had this support from my friends and to feel it. Marisa then asked us to explain why we chose that person. There were tears of relief and gratitude. She then talked to us about the geometry of the group, the structure created with our arms to draw a dramatic picture. “If we continued with this, Marisa explained, we would act out the story of the person who is drawing the tension in the geometry. Through this enactment, each person receives healing and each person gets to share her perspective on the event.”

Next, Marisa asked: “Put your hand on the woman you would like support from today.” A new picture was painted, a new story ready to be enacted if we so chose. Marisa’s work is playful and profound. Sweet and fiery. Fun and fantastic. And that was only half an hour.

That woman held my hand and led me down steep mountain trails when I was too afraid to move. Her presence and work is a gift. I hope you will treat yourself to her embodied creative play workshop on the 18th. Marisa has been teaching for more than 20 years, it may be time for you to join her tribe of empowered students.

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