6 questions with Brooklyn Flower Essence Practitioner Lindsay Fauntleroy

1. What are flower essences?
Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine that uses the living forces of nature to align our life energy toward healthy growth and development. The most popular flower essences are the Bach Flower Remedies that can be found in health food stores, but there are literally hundreds of flower essences that offer their magical healing wisdom in support of our soul growth.

2. What are some popular flower essences and what do they work on?
Holly - builds compassion and self-love.
Centuary - supports inner child and makes it easier to respect our personal boundaries if we have difficulty saying no to others.
Hibiscus - supports the first and second chakras, promotes healthy expression of sexuality, inspires creativity.

3. How do flower essences work?
Flower essences work by the principle of sympathetic resonance. This is the same science that causes the opera singer to shatter glass, or the strings on two guitars to vibrate in unison. By acknowledging that our thoughts and emotions carry a vibrational frequency, we use the flower essences as a tuning fork.

We might not feel flower essences just in a physical way, but they can also bring things into our lives to support our journey. For example, when taking an essence to support connecting her physical and spiritual body, a friend experienced multiple synchronistic events that brought this theme into focus for her, and helped her heal.

4. How can they enrich my healing practice?
Many times our healing requires lifestyle changes, or new ways of being in our work and relationships. By offering flower essences, you are empowering your patients with the opportunity to make changes in their daily lives- outside of the treatment room- that can greatly impact their healing.  You can support your patients as they release emotions stuck in their bodies, clear the mental blocks that stand in their way of success, and bring consciousness to their evolution into their highest potential. You will bear witness to the profound impact that a subtle shift in perception and awareness can make in someone's life.

5. How can I learn more about flower essences?
For personal consultation, you can schedule a consultation with Lindsay at Maha Rose. She will be leading Medicine and The Magic: Flower Essence Training for Holistic Practitioners November 1st & 2nd at Maha Rose.

6. What will I learn at the Flower Essence Training?
You'll understand the science and history of flower essences, and cover key essences to ease emotional stress, clear mental blocks, and facilitate personal evolution.
Core Topics:
* How flower essences interact with the subtle body and with other holistic therapies

* The history and  scope of flower essence use in the US and abroad

* Safety and legal considerations for flower essence use

* The relationship between flower essences and other plant remedies such as herbs, essential oils, and homeopathic.
* The anatomy of emotion and the human stress cycle
* Monitoring the efficacy of flower essences through cycles of change
* How to make a flower remedy

Lindsay Fauntleroy MS LAc MA is a licensed acupuncturist and certified flower essence therapist who is committed to facilitating lasting change and transformation in the lives of her patients. Lindsay was drawn to the healing arts after her own journey to fertility introduced her to the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit. She has been published in the International Journal of Flower Essences and was a recipient of a prestigious grant from the American Association of University Women (AAUW) for her work in women's holistic health. Lindsay has studied and practiced various forms of self cultivation—including meditation, yoga, the I Ching, and Qi Gong—for over a decade.
More about Lindsay: www.oceansandrivers.com 

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