Crystal of the week: Shattuckite to speak your truth


When choosing crystals, I like to ask (outloud or silently) “which crystal is best right now, which friend will lead me to my highest good?” Then I put my non-dominant hand out, walk amongst the stones, and wait for a tug of “me, me, me!” 

Today’s stone calling for attention is Shattuckite. Its bright turquoise and black and green color looks like a mini earth. It is vibrant and smooth—ot charmingly asks to be held and admired. Why now?

 The sun is now in the air sign of libra, and air signs are largely about communication and the intellect. Now is a great time to communicate our desires, needs, wishes, selves. Shattuckite is a throat chakra stone and the throat chakra is the house of communication. It's through the voice that we express what is inside of us, our thoughts and feelings, to others--to the outside. The throat is also a place for taking in information (the beginning of the digestive process, breath, etc). A lot can get stuck there, especially if we're living and or working in an environment/with people where it seems important to "hold our tongue."

Now is also a great time to communicate with the we approach halloween, the veil this world and other worlds is thin . Shattuckite is a very powerful stone for connecting us with our psychic intuition, our spiritual guides, our higher selves, our deepest truths. It is also psychically protective: clearing past life curses and the energy of entities that do not belong to us. It is a wonderful stone for channeling, astrology, tarot and oracle cards  (thanks The Book of Stones by Robbert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian).  So take this puppy to Michael Domitrovich’s next Channeling class, and be the magic. 

May you place this stone one your throat or third eye, breathe into it, and speak your truth to yourself and others and perhaps even the divine.

Is this getting a little witchy? Sure. But tis the season!  

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