Weekly Tarot Card 9/29/2014: The Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups stands with arms wide open to the coming of fall

A water card by nature (all cups are water), the Seven of Cups asks us what are we choosing to connect with and why.

There are so many desires we can experience in the course of a moment and there is no need to judge any of them. Rather, the Seven of Cups asks us to look at our desires fully, and in slowly looking, we can more clearly understand why we seek what we seek. We don’t need to condemn the act of desire—Scorpio understands this well, and the Seven of Cups is a card ruled by Scorpio. We just need to see desire for what it is—the act of seeking to connect with something that we THINK we don’t have. Here is where the Seven of Cups speaks up because “not having” is an illusion.

We are all seekers on our shared paths; the Seven of Cups reminds us that we already have what we seek. Look to the sky. All our cups are filled with what we seek to have and it is our task to see them as they really are. Are our desires lifting us up, or distracting us? We have the choice to connect with the timeless boundless reality of love. You already are love, it is just a matter of consciously connecting with it so it becomes part of your experience. Sevens gives insight into the nature of victory and this particular seven with Venus at its heart tells us that Victory is already ours. Celebrate the fullness and victory of choosing to fill your cup with love this week.

Carolyn Agis reads and teaches Tarot at Maha Rose, Brooklyn's Healing Center in Greenpoint. She is available for walk-in readings on Thursdays, 2-6 pm.

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