New moon crystal meditation tip: Garnet for your first chakra

In the summer, it's as though we're floating from one thing to the next. In the fall, it's nice want to come back to earth. The fall, after all, is about surrender, falling into mama earth. 
Because Pluto is going direct (it's been retrograde since April 14), this new moon may bring a new connection to the first chakra. The first chakra, located at the very base of our torso, think genitals and perineum, ties us to the earth. I had a teacher who liked to say "this is our 'don't f*ck with me' chakra." We can feel the first chakra when we let go of the pole on the subway train and decide to root down to stay upright--the first chakra balances us. As many New Yorkers, and (people alive in this century) are living and working mostly in our heads, getting our first chakra on has soooo many benefits. 
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Garnet is a sexy stone. It makes me think about Cleopatra. This one is blackish with flecks of dark red. With its wine color, it speaks naturally of fall. It has a heavy, dense energy like my favorite grounding stones. 
Here's a great meditation to do with a garnet:
Lie down with the garnet on your first chakra (you'll still feel it on top of your clothes, but don't be shy). Feel its heavy, comforting energy. Picture a dark red stream that flows into the center of the earth from the garnet and your first chakra. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Then, when you're connected, picture a bright red or orange prism leading from your first chakra to the sun and stars. Feel the support from the sun and the earth's center. Feel all the molten heat. Know that you're on fire.
Standing, you can hold the garnet in your hand and imagine a dark red wine colored triangle extending from your first chakra to the floor (like the natural v of your legs when you stand with your feet apart). Even a minute of this makes a big difference. This is a great and quick way to connect to your first chakra every day, and a great thing to do to ground yourself before you leave the house for those mean streets.
Take home message:
If you're needing some extra extra grounding to come home to fall, get a garnet friend today. You can even stick it in your pants. We won't tell anyone. 
In other news, Luke Simon's band is called Sex Crystals. You can listen to it here.

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