Love Vortex Meditations with Grace Vieira

Grace Vieira is in NYC offering her cosmic insights on Sexual Healing, Radical Heart Beauty and walking in the world in a spiritual way!! She is doing one-on-one soul sessions, workshops and a retreat upstate, which I am so excited for.

Grace is full of wisdom, it flows from her like a peaceful volcano! She has studied with mystic traditions of the world: from an elder of Pueblo Isleta in New Mexico, to learning channeling and mediumship for healing with John of God in Brazil. Now she blends the places her path took her, into the one road she walks, which is helping people, giving sessions and sharing her own discoveries and experience of living a spiritually connected life in the modern world.

Her meditations feel like a vortex of Love has opened up. It is a highly charged experience that feels like it is happening on more layers then just the physical..!

Anytime I spend with Grace, whether on the phone or in person, I feel a heightened vibration. She is passionate about lifting up the vibration and teaching others how to connect to the heart and live in the flow reality. I am excited to see what magic comes out of our time together it;s always spontaneous and healing and rich work. I’ve grown so much from hanging around her! Come to her workshops and retreat upstate!

--Luke Simon

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