NYC Healing & Crystals this weekend at Maha Rose!

The Huffington Post recently created a section called “The Third Metric,” declaring that success is not just about 1. Money and 2. power but also about 3. something bigger, something else, something deep. That something else is a devotion to wellness and wholeness: spiritual success. If the Huffington Post has devoted a “new-age” section for business leaders, you know spirituality is catching on in a big way. 

More and more people are waking up to nontraditional forms of healing and living. Ever at the forefront of cultural change, New York is becoming a spiritual epicenter, and even longtime New Yorkers feel a shift. There’s a tipi near the Williamsburg Bridge, Oprah and Deepak are inspiring thousands to meditate each day, there are metaphysical stores popping up all over Brooklyn, people are talking about having good energy on the L train. And as in many things New York, Brooklyn is leading the way. Maha Rose, happily supports this blossoming. We’re a space in Greenpoint drawing acupuncturists, energy healers, Reiki practitioners, flower essence therapists, hypnotherapists, channelers, psychics, tarot readers, artists, creators, designers, and friends of all kinds to share their knowledge, and bring light into the community. We support learning, sharing, exchange, spiritual growth, emotional and physical healing, exploring new realms, breathing, meditation, coming home to the body.

Every day, people walk by our spiritual center asking “What’s going on in here?” as if those inside hold the secret to happiness, bliss, joy, and laughter. We do, but it’s no secret! We’re here to share. We’ve been doing this for thousands of years. Come to our open house on Saturday to experience the magic for yourself. We supply Brooklyn with crystals, sage, essential oil blends, beautifully crafted jewelry by founder Lisa Levine, we have a full bookshelf of inspiring and creative books for sale.

From 11am-6pm on Saturday September 13th, 30 minute sessions for $30 are available in Reiki, astrology readings, cranio-sacral healing, theta healing, past life regression, tarot, psychic reading, crystal healing, and more. Our crystal store has new arrivals on display, sparkly and infused with positive energy. We’ll round out the day with free evening events including a laughter yoga class with Lisa Levine, a lecture by Luke Simon considering "Dolphins, Karma and NYC" and a concert by folk chanteuse Sonya Kitchell (all starting at 7pm). Come for the healing, stay for the fun. 

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