Laughter Yoga on Refinery 29!

Thank you Kelsey Miller & Refinery 29 for this amazing article on Laughter Yoga in New York and at Maha Rose! Kelsey's humor perfectly captures the sometimes awkward beginnings of Laughter Yoga bliss! here's a snippet we love:

"After 45 minutes, it wasn't just easier to be silly; it was easier to be sad, raw, and connected to one another. The workshop ended in a kind of laughter-tantrum: all of us lying on the floor, stomping our feet and pounding our fists as we laughed maniacally at the ceiling. Some moments I'd be faking, and then the laughter turned real — loud and ridiculous. Another woman's laughter turned to tears, though that was no surprise; I had a lump in my throat myself. And, when I left, my body felt relieved and relaxed as if I'd had good, long cry. Yet, I was grounded, open, and present in a way I haven't been since the invention of the iPhone." keep reading about Kelsey's experience of Laughter Yoga on Refinery 29. <3

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