Toni Collette <3s Maha Rose in TimeOut NY

We love what Toni Collette wrote about us for TimeOut NY! The article is for the #saveNYC issue, talking about places in NY that would be sad to lose, but FYI Maha Rose is not going anywhere, we're here to serve NY!

"New York City has often been claimed to be one of, if not the best city in the world. You can do anything, find everything, and be anyone. It's also a city of extremes, which, at times, can be overwhelming and exhausting. Sometimes it's hard to find a balance whilst dancing in the boxing ring of Manhattan. I've been living here for over a year and I finally found a place that helps keep me grounded, relaxed and open. It's called Maha Rose, founded by the gifted Lisa Levine. It's an urban oasis in Greenpoint. I look forward to riding my bike there for a weekly combo of reiki, acupuncture and bodywork. But they offer other healing modalities as well as changing classes and workshops. It ain't no fancy spa and doesn't try to be. It's the real deal, folks, and that's no small thing!"—Toni Collette

toni colette for maha rose center for healing nyc

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