Sound Body Yoga -- a unique yoga class

Sound Body Yoga, held every Wednesday evening at 7, is a unique, authentic, effective and beautiful yoga class.

The first time I went, it was extremely challenging because I wasn’t used to such simple movement! It’s not sweaty cardio, it’s more like tai chi, and this makes it "hard" in a way that is very rare for us goal-oriented, hard working New Yorkers! It takes muscle to be graceful. Even though instructor Sarah Capua had my body moving slowly, my thoughts were not, haha! But amazingly by the end of the one hour sequence my mind had totally transformed into a smooth, ripe, peach of peace. Sarah's style reflects her path of yoga, starting in vinyasa and moving through therapeutic yoga and the classic Krishnamacharya school in Chennai, India. There are a lot of layers of practice and inquiry that have gone in to Sarah's seemingly simple style of yoga. And it is really a gift to have such a class in a world saturated by yoga that is fixated on physical exertion rather then mind & body union.

What makes the class extra-special is Stephanie Rooker’s live sound healing accompaniment. It’s really a collaboration where Stephanie is singing, ringing singing bowls, or drumming as we move through new sets of exercises.

I have an “Ave Maria” moment every class, I kid you not! The blend of vibrational healing music and balancing yoga leaves your mind more quiet, your body energized and grounded, and your heart happy mmm! Check it out. 

Class is $15. You can sign up for sound body on our website or just drop in.

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