Tarot Card of the Day - The Lovers!

We are delighted to launch our very first blog post with our Tarot card for the day--the Lovers!

The Lovers

The Lovers card—the sixth card of the Major Arcana—rules the zodiac sign of Gemini. It is a beautiful image that speaks to the holy trinity (tri-unity) within ourselves—the feminine, the masculine, and the Divine.

There are only a few cards in the Tarot that feature an angel, and this is one of them. A lovely reminder that we are not alone, but being guided and blessed. 

When we seek balance within ourselves, we experience and gain great discernment. Often we forget that what we perceive as opposite, is actually just variations of the same thing. Hot and cold are both perceptions of temperature. White and black are both perceptions of shade. 

For those that are looking for love: see the full blossom of love within yourself first. When you enjoy yourself in full bloom, others have no choice but to flock towards your radiance. For those of you in a relationship: enjoy time with your beloved and express your gratitude for him/her in your life. Our loved ones are our greatest teachers. 

Crystals associated with the Lovers: Alexandrite, Tourmaline, and Iceland Spar.

Carolyn Agis reads and teaches Tarot at Maha Rose, Brooklyn's Healing Center in Greenpoint. 

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