Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 1/27 January 27 2016

By: Rebecca Conran

We are already at the end of January 2016, and what an intense month it has been! This morning I decided to pull from my very inspiring "Journey of Love" oracle deck and low and behold the reason everything has been breaking apart as of late...

Love! Love, Love and more Love. This "Lovers" card is not to be confused with the traditional tarot card which can be about love and partnership but also tends to be about inner balance and harmony. This oracle card is a simple and clear confirmation that your yearning heart shall have what it desires, love is on it's way. What you seek is seeking you, but you must be that which you seek. To attract love into our lives we must be in the vibration of love. I love my dog! I love my home! I love my breakfast! When we are in love with ourselves and our lives, we are open to receiving the love and partnerships we long for. 

The support card "Find the blessings in your current situation" is sage advice to get to this place of attraction. What have you learned from past experiences with love? What can you be grateful for? What are the positives of your current situation? Get clear about what you want, focus on how you want to feel going forward, and then each evening before you sleep write down 5 or more things you are grateful for. This ritual brings peace to the mind, joy to the heart, and love into your life. 

Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 1/20 January 20 2016

By Rebecca Conran

The imagery and the message is strong in the reading today, but so are you!

Our main card today is "Disruption" or #TheTower in traditional #tarot. This card speaks to having built pieces of our experience upon faulty foundations which eventually must come down so that we can rebuild with truth and authority. We are in a process of major change which can be extremely painful as things fall apart. #Saturn in #Sagittarius for the next 2 years has us searching for truth, and the #astrology this week has ignited our wounds. The falling apart doesn't have to be a physical out picturing either, it can be a falling apart of old self limiting belief systems and negativity inside of us. Whatever seems to be falling apart, a relationship, career, housing situation or if you feel this way internally, this is a time to let go of the old and focus on rebuilding in a healthy, loving and empowered way. You are being asked to connect more fully with your divine self, your divine worth.

This really brings in our support card "Temptation" or #theDevil card in traditional tarot. This is a card of #addictions and addictive behavior. This can be about negative self talk, limiting beliefs we hold about ourself, co-dependency in relationships, or issues with unhealthy practices to do with work, sex, food and substances like alcohol. Whatever the poison, addictive behaviors hold us outside of our self worth, self love and self esteem. There is much support available for healing addictive behaviors but it all starts and finishes with the individual practicing new healthy loving habits. How can you incorporate some self care in to today? What new healthy habits can you create discipline around this week?

All of this is building into our #fullmoon this weekend where we are called to energetically release and transform these old paradigms and to focus on our new empowered intentions. Even when it's not, all is well.

Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 1/13 January 13 2016

By: Rebecca Conran

As we collectively heal from the passing of David Bowie, we see that many of us are united by the creativity of this wonderful truly authentic artist. Todays cards are very much in congruence with that energy, "The Rebel" challenges us to live our truth regardless of societies norms or conditioning. From childhood we are often told there is only one way to have a happy life, we are told that working at a job that we are unfulfilled by for financial security is the key to happiness, and we are dissuaded in following our passion and our dreams. Todays cards tell us that the keys to your happiness actually lie in your doing what makes your heart sing. This doesn't mean going and quitting your day job, but it is asking us to be courageous enough to live in greater authenticity of who we are and to be brave enough to pursue our dreams in one way or another. 
The support card is "Artistic Expression". The expression of art in any form, is the expression of the human experience. Each human being has the right and the ability to express their experience though artistic means, wether it be photography, painting, singing, dancing, writing or by any other means. Many people feel that talent is needed to be artistic, this is untrue as art and talent are subjective. All you need to do to be creative is have the interest and follow through. What do you love to do creatively? This card urges you to make time to let the divine flow through you through artistic expression today. 


Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 1/6 January 06 2016

By: Rebecca Conran 

With the intense astrology this week, including Mercury stationing retrograde yesterday it's no wonder we are receiving some strong messages from spirit to rest today. "Exhaustion" aka the #nineofwands doesn't mince words in it's meaning. This is a card of our self made anxiety, worry and burden. The message of this card is about all the unnatural routines we put ourselves through in the hopes of being safe. You are safe. Your spirit can never not be safe. The way we try to control our outer events is a mirror into our own self worth. Do you fee that if you don't control every aspect of your life and future planning that good things won't come to you or you won't be deserving? Abundance and manifestation are ultimately about self love. If we are taxing our physical and emotional bodies through constant doing we cannot fully be in the state of receiving that is our innate birth right. What are you truly worried about today and is this worry truly legitimate in this moment or is it a concept your mind is running away with? Breathe and take a step back. Your soul is calling out for more rest. Put your self care rituals and daily spiritual practice first starting today. 

The support card is "Patience" or the #sevenofpentacles. All of your hard work will pay off in divine time. The gardner doesn't keep digging up his seeds to make sure they are growing, he simply waits until the plants break ground. Like the pregnant woman in this image, all that we can do at this time is wait patiently for the returns on our investments. What goes around comes around, and injecting the present moment with your hope, adventure and curiosity will bring you greater fulfillment than worry and fear. What can you do today to nurture and rest? 

Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 12/30 December 30 2015

By: Rebecca Conran 

For the last pull of 2015 I decided to pull from the very inspiring Journey of love deck. Our card today is one of the most simple of the deck, it asks you to "Drop Into Your Heart". 

Within each of us, is a divine spirit being connected to the vast greater consciousness. That divine spark, that light that you carry, can never loose it's dignity or integrity, it is a place that the dark aspects of our life will never touch. No matter what is going on in your life and being out pictured in your circumstances, the Divine wants you to connect back into that beauty, even if only for a moment. Right now, place your hands over your heart, close your eyes, take a deep breath in and tap into the miracle that is you. Whatever it is you are feeling today, offer it up to the Divine. Whether it is deep sorrow or tremendous joy the Divine would love to receive these gifts from you, and you will be gifted in return. 
Happy New Year friends, see you in 2016! 


Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 12/23 December 23 2015

By: Rebecca Conran 

Our leading oracle today is "Balance". This card reminds me of a Wayne Dyer quote that says when you squeeze an orange, you can expect that orange juice comes out. When our circumstances squeeze us, we can expect what's inside us to come out. If what's coming out is anger, hurt or resentment we need to pay attention to bringing harmony to our inner life as well as our outer experience. This card today is reminding us that some lifestyle adjustments may be necessary at this time to create balance mentally, emotionally and physically as what we see out pictured in our reality is reflective of our inner conflict. What self care rituals can you employ for yourself through the holiday weekend to create better balance?

The support card "Fertility" reminds us to achieve balance through nurturing. This card represents feminine mother energy. We are deep in our manifestation work right now, and patience is required as our desires incubate. This is a time for soft gentle care and kindness. If you find that you are missing nurturing in the form of a mother or mother figure, go to the great mother, nature. Her loving arms are always waiting for you.

| In conversation with, THE BROOKLYN FOOLS | December 17 2015

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to the two hosts of this years Brooklyn Fools- a 6 month tarot course that is far more than just a tarot course. Check out the interview below for more info on the Fools and Jeff and Lindsay's Tarot Journey. Maybe the tarot is calling to you too........ 

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Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 12/16 December 16 2015

By: Rebecca Conran
Are you feeling the love? Todays card "Spiritual Union" tells us that love is indeed a topic on all of our minds lately. This card tells us that relationships involving deep emotional bonds are being worked on in the greater consciousness, it could be with lovers, family members or even business associates. This card is about the coming together of souls, but it also reminds us that relationships ultimately, are all about us as the individual. The love we feel in relationships is a mirror into the love we feel for ourselves. If we find that the energy is unbalanced in relationships, we must work to create balance within ourselves. If we find that our partnerships don't give us the love we desire, we must work to create that love within ourselves. Self love is the greatest love of all, and is the basis for healthy and happy relationships. 
Regardless of the status of our relationships at this time, they are all opportunity's to gain the wisdom necessary for our souls growth which we are reminded of with the card "Undying Love - the love you have shared is eternal, regardless of the situation". We find that our lessons do come to completion in our lifetime. Relationships end and new ones begin. The idea that we can lose love is a human misperception. The love we have shared with others always remains with us. We are much more than our human bodies, our spiritual selves that reside in these bodies are always connected to one another through love which has the highest vibration of all energy. If you are experiencing a break up or difficulty at the moment, you are healing. Keep the lessons and the love and release the rest of the story. New love is always on the horizon. 

Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 12/9 December 09 2015

By: Rebecca Conran 

We have all been through the spiritual and emotional ringer for the past few weeks (...or all year in some respects) and we're not through with that astrology yet. "Ixchel" is a mayan moon goddess who reminds you that you are not only being healed right now but you also that you are a healer. The healer first heals themselves. They then have the compassion and understanding to channel this healing power for others. You are a channel for divine insight and power. This card reminds you to seek out the divine through meditation, convening with like minded people, and to be a student of your healing. Even when things seem to be chaos around us, all is being healed. 

The second card "Listen" tells you that you hear the divine best when you stop distracting yourself and resisting your own company. Our intuition works through being in tune with our true feelings. This card is asking us to stop pushing and trying to make things happen and retreat into the loving arms of the divine for guidance. Take rest and remove distractions and have a conversation with the divine today, just close your eyes, speak with your mind and listen to the love and support that is always there for you. 

Oracle Card Reading for Thursday, Dec 3rd December 03 2015

By Rebecca Conran

Not only has it been a physical deluge in NYC the past two days, but it has also felt like an emotional one! This month our #chiron astrology is lit up, meaning our wounds are coming up front and center again. Two main cards popped out today, the first is the four of swords in traditional tarot or "Rest and Rejuvenate". This also came up on Doreen Virtues daily card reading yesterday and it's a strong theme this month. Swords represent the workings of the mind, now is not the time for pushing too hard and overthinking, it's time to allow ourselves the rest we need to process our emotional and mental states. You won't think your way into the future, you must be present and live into it. Meditation, being with spirit and standing back from your current experiences to gain a different perspective are the focus. The Second card is an action/energy card the two of wands or "The Waiting Game". Perhaps you have in recent times set some new intentions or made some big choices. You have put the wheels of change into motion and now you are waiting for the seeds you've sewn to come into fruition. Uncertainty can be scary we can wonder, did I make the right choice? We can also try to move forward too aggressively rather than pacing ourselves and face restriction which can be frustrating. Keep your mind and heart on the positive, focus on the riches you do have, make small daily steps, and honor yourself for the leaps of faith you have been taking. All the things you desire are being manifest, allow spirit to work through you guiding you through synchronicity. 
Our support card is "Health and Healing". You are healing. The painful circumstances of your life are being healed. Keep the focus on grounding into your beautiful physical body, getting support through these times from others and sharing that healing with those who need it too. 
With Love, 

Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 11/25 November 25 2015

By: Rebecca Conran 

Today our main card today is one of encouragement. "Spiritual Strength" says that even though we have had an emotionally taxing time recently, we have the fortitude to keep moving through our trials towards our goals. All of us have been through so much in our lives, ultimately we are older and wiser now, and we truly CAN handle the difficulties that life brings. Now is not the time to give up, you are doing great, keep going! Wisdom and enlightenment comes from traversing these difficult times. 

The cards today really support the Gemini Full Moon energy! The supporting card is "Meditate". This full moon we are asked to turn our focus to the mind. Our moon is in Gemini and Gemini loves information. The Sun is in Sagittarius which seeks to find the truth. What is true of the information in your mind? Today's energy asks us to do a profound inventory of our thoughts, ideas, beliefs and perceptions. Do they perpetuate old stories and painful experiences? Or do they hold everyone including ourselves in love and acceptance? Spending time today in meditation will help us to sort through what is "true" and what is a "story". Liberate yourself and free your mind! 

Happy Full Moon and I am grateful for all of you out there reading. If you can make it, I'd love to see you at the Full Moon Circle tonight at Maha Rose 7:30-8:30pm for empowered release meditation, fire ritual and tea ceremony. 

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Practitioner Spotlight :: Debbie Attias /././././ November 19 2015

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Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 11/18 November 18 2015

By Rebecca Conran

Hello friends, what a time we have been having lately energetically! Today's Oracle shows some very positive energy for the greater consciousness. The "Victory & Success" card tells us that you should be very proud of yourself for the work you have done lately in getting through conflict and difficulty. In traditional tarot this card is the knights successful return from war and conflict. You are wiser and more experienced now and you can achieve much moving forward. Stay grounded but also honor your victories. With all that has been going on in the world, it might not feel like we can have victory in the face of atrocity but the humanity we have seen in response to violence and suffering is something we should all be proud of. 

The support card is "Deep Freeze". Self care comes up a lot in these readings as it's the most important care we can offer ourselves each day and this card is reiterating that. Now is not a time to push forward but to rest and rejuvenate. Take a hot salt bath, meditate, journal. Slow down and understand that with the change in seasons we are moving into a period of hibernation. Honor this time of stillness. Put away things that aren't ready to bloom yet, go within and recuperate, the tide will change soon enough

Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 11/11 November 11 2015

By Rebecca Conran

Today we have a powerful New Moon in Scorpio and an auspicious date 11:11. When we see the sequence 11:11 it reminds us to be conscious of our thoughts, for they are co-creating our reality. Do our thoughts support our worth, health & happiness? This is a wonderful time of manifestation, but if our thoughts don't support our dreams, we cannot bring them into reality. 

Our main card today "Stand Your Ground" comes at a time when we as a collective are being tested. It's imperative that we remain clear and focused and in our choice. This is a time to fortify your truth, your values and beliefs. You can get through this time and this will be the experience your wisdom is made of. In order to stand your ground, it is so important to stay physically healthy. Self care is the simplest yet most powerful tool we have. It says everything I eat, everything I do, I do because I deserve health and happiness. Is that true for you? If not start a radical self care routine today. 

There is no surprise that our supporting advice today is "Let It Go". This tells us to stop forcing, controlling and manipulating our outer circumstances to fit our expectations. Our resistance to the flow of life causes us frustration and blockages. Let everything go to spirit, let things unfold in divine timing. There are always factors at work that we don't see or comprehend, but know that whatever your hard time is now, you are moving into a place of greater peace and harmony and the universe is here to support you ✨

New Moon in Scorpio: Soul Fire & a Gold Dust Woman November 11 2015

By Bekka Wolfson

In the midst of the more dramatic recent cosmic patterns and explosive alignments, November's Scorpio Moon of Beginnings and Initiations  will offer us a triumphant repose; a sweet return into the body of the earth. You may find yourself savoring the daily doing of life, devoting to work and creative passions with a calm discipline. She leads us towards the ancient Kore (Persephone) mystery, and the pause before birth, the liminal holding between creation and surrender, between past and future, a subterranean equipoise.

Despite the potentially deep terrain, this is actually a lighter Moon than you might expect. She aligns softly with Jupiter in Virgo, and is still humming with the vibes of the recent Mars-Venus pas-de-deux. Honor the tantric power of this Moon by taking breaks to explore preparing your favorite food with new herbs, simple fresh ingredients, setting into motion a new discipline rooted in pleasure and grounding rituals of self-containment.

This moon invites us to process recent changes and insights, before the wild crush of the holidays and the New Year. Use the evocative melancholy and internal wisdom of November to dump any smouldering resentments piled up or buried from the eclipses and squares of the last 3 years.

Don't worry if you find yourself saying no to any extraneous requests or invites. Go on and do it. Covet your precious solitary time now, be frugal with your energy.  Reserve your earnest passion and sincere delight for saying yes to all those very very right things.  Here you will discover the fine cutting edge of this New Moon's subtle passion; it knows better now; you know better now. Here we reap domestic reward for the wild transits of the last few years, of Uranus In Aries and Pluto's transformative tribulations. We know now. We are finally seeing clearly beyond the Libran North Node's recent traversing of ancient and nasty relational bullshit that kept us small and mired and blaming. Transcend, my pretties, and fly on, walk on, whisper the truth first just to yourself and the dark night, but get ready, the larger stage beckons off in the near-distant horizon. Be Persephone reborn, spitting pomegranate seeds at the sky.

Get it done now, this Moon invites you on a pleasant saunter through the Plutonic underworld, guided by good fortune and clear sight. Toss the old now, don't wait for the New Year. Watch out for any compulsive criticism, projection or blaming, such urges are actually your own darkness ready to be metabolized. Before you try to throw the hot potatoe of your feelings onto your loved ones, check in with your own vulnerablity. What (or who) are you protecting? Engage yourself with an internal or therapeutic dialouge that guides you back to your own powers of discerning passion. Do not even bother playing the old games, and if you feel you are shouldering remnants of other people's darkness from recent difficulties, take these next few weeks to free yourself. Consider a planting ritual, perhaps creating some container plants, a small secret indoor garden, and fertilize it with all the old psychic shit that you are ready to bury!

Be Mother, Maiden and Crone, call on all these parts of you for their distinct wisdom, and offer it back to your feminine psyche, innocent, ancient, and maternal. (even if you are male-identified, we all carry the duality of gender archetypes within.) If you are feeling triggered around family relationships, or maternal difficulties, allow yourself to feel into all the strife in order to bid it adieu. This New Moon travels into the land of Persephone, echos of lost innocence and betrayals, but she is no ravaged Lolita. Here we have Persephone, gone underground, voluptuously tasting each of her Pomegranate seeds amidst the coming of the long calm winter.

This moon nicely precedes the mass hypnosis of the Western Holiday Season, with the overhyped and glittering delusions, the projections and hopes and family shapes, we have a sweet darkness before us. The darkness that precedes creation and offers it a fertile opening. There is a pleasantly yawning quality to this new moon, a stretching and feline langurousness that is the other side of Scorpio's reputable intensity; an exquisite sensation of embodiment. Here we discern a kind of pleasurable devouring of the beats of life, a presence of mind that too easily eludes us in the accelerated and self-conscious momentum of contemporary life. If you go deeply into this cosmic moment, you will experience your awareness as both in and out of time. Our bodies carry an ancient knowing that this New Moon in Scorpio guides us towards, if we know how to listen with the flesh, as the Jupiter in Virgo Influence brings us into a very direct experience of our specific being, at once precise and expansive.

This moon should offer a real silver lining to anyone who wants to finish putting down hard work on creative projects, particularly by breaking down larger vision into short-term goals to be completed for the next month. Despite the silken texture of this moon, it is not a luxury of high-fashion, it is durable, meant to be worn, felt, seen, and known. We move through this moon, over the next month, into some potentially quite durable new gestures. A chance to enjoy the fastidious accomplishments that deserve our attention before the sweeping madness of incipient holiday pressures.

This is the catnap that precedes the hunt. The lion waking up to sniff the air, sense the wind, and calculate with unerring intution, the next stalking movements.

Be careful about getting overly expansive, keep your goals in the crosshairs of the visionary, the new and the precisely grounded. The visions should be easily captured, having been prepared or courted over the last year's Jupiter In Leo, now with the lethal and elegant persistince of a Scorpio Moon and Jupiter In Virgo, we are ready to manifest and shape the thing itself.

Again, be careful, don't push as hard or fast as you can, let yourself move slowly with great pleasure and the sublime profundity of time's passing through her eternal everyday measurements. (Measure twice, cut once.)

more astrology by Bekka on her website:

Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 10/28 October 28 2015


By Rebecca Conran

Today's main card "Disruption" is about change. In traditional tarot it is the Tower and it speaks to circumstances, situations and relationships that are built on faulty foundations that will eventually fall down. This card came out reversed so the message is not as intense as it would be right side up but It does show us that there is a need to work on the avenues in your life which are causing you distress with greater care,  truth and honesty. Keep a positive attitude as much as possible, regardless of what is happening around you and count your blessings. New understandings and insights may come to you in the blink of an eye. Other peoples feelings and behaviors are about them so when misunderstandings arise, try to note your own triggers and release taking things personally. Our difficult times are windows into what will become wisdom for us in the future. Disruption is a sign of growth and if you choose to, you can use it as a catalyst to your healing,
The support card is "Towering Magnificence" and this tells us that these disruptions are due to you aligning with your spiritual power and authenticity. The road to awareness is paved with all the blocks, conditioning and limited beliefs that we have acquired through our lives. As we grow in our awareness we are asked to consider these things and consciously release them. This is painful work for you at this time, but by passing through it with courage, a life of greater contentment and peace can be found. All of us need support so reach out to a friend or healing practitioner to help you in adjusting to your new awareness.
The universe is continually moving us forward, sometimes flowing like a mighty river, and sometimes if feels like were being dragged kicking and screaming! In the words of the Rolling Stones, you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you'll get what you need. 

Practitioner Spotlight /./././ Ro Giuliano October 27 2015

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Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 10/21 October 21 2015

By Rebecca Conran 

Today we got a little further insight into the collective challenges within our relationships. The "Codependency" card says that the current struggles we are facing are from our own cravings for unhealthy behavior. This card tells us "addictions numb the heart to pain, but they also diminish it's capacity to love". Codependent behavior can run the gamut of obsessively needing contact with others, to isolation tendencies, to misuse of substances and sex as a short term fix to our lonely feelings. In order to build healthier relationships with others, we need to have a healthier relationship with ourselves. Self love is the love that all other love stems from. How are you feeling about yourself today? If you have trouble seeing yourself as loving, lovable or loved, there needs to be a focus on self nurturing and healing at this time. Right now there is a strong cosmic call to action for radical self care, putting our health and supportive friendships first. 

Our support card is no surprise. "Spiritual Law of Attraction" says that when we are not whole and complete, we will only attract partners who also fail to meet their own needs. These relationships can be fantastic learning tools, but for longevity in love, both partners need to be interdependent and fulfilled outside of the bounds of one relationship. The universe wants for us what we want for ourselves. So if we don't feel lovable, we attract partners who can't or won't love us as unconditionally as we desire. Getting into the frequency of love means loving your life, loving yourself, this very moment, as a way to attract more love into your life in every avenue. If you have a hard time loving your life, start small. Did you love your breakfast today? Do you love the sunshine? Do you love your pet or friends? Love is a feeling, so feel the love. 

Practitioner Spotlight /././. Jessica Cook October 20 2015


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Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 10/14 October 14 2015

By Rebecca Conran 

Todays card is such a gift, because it's all about the present! "Moment to Moment" reminds us that the concept of time is something that humans have created to manage our accomplishments. The preoccupation with the past and the future keeps us attached to periods of time that do not exist, and it takes us out of our beautiful and expansive present moment. This card asks, what is happening here and now? The future looks a lot like more of this moment, so how can you make this moment feel good to you? If you have trouble coming out of dark periods, find things to be grateful for, people, places, things, experiences- being grateful in the present moment helps to bring more feelings of contentment and pleasure your way. 

Our supporting card is the goddess "Aine". This cards reminds us that we are happiest when we are in our choice. Choose what makes your heart sing, you can always choose again. Indecision is the death of passion, so make a choice. The universe conspires for us, follow your bliss. All is well. 

New Moon In Libra: As the Wheel Spins Your Wild Heart Sings October 11 2015

By: Becca Wolfson 

Hump Day Oracle for Wednesday 10/7 October 07 2015


By Rebecca Conran 

 Today we have a three card reading because the universe does what it wants when sending us information! ha

Our leading card is "Recognition & Reward". This is such a positive card, representing our earthly and physical realities and shows us that the beautiful things that are coming together in our lives, whether home, career or relationship related, represent well earned rewards. You deserve the possibilities you are now seeing, and more possibilities are in the works. This is a card to be diligent about the type of foundation you are laying down right now in order to manifest all of your hearts desires and that is why we also received the "discontent & boredom" card. This is an emotional card and it speaks to a bad habit of seeing what you don't have rather than a grateful heart for what you do have and the discomfort that this kind of perception brings us physically and spiritually. See which cups are full in your life and don't miss the forrest for the trees. 

The third card which popped out today along with the two others is the "solar plexus chakra" card. Your solar plexus energy center is located in your belly and is the seat of the emotions. It holds all of your recorded beliefs and conditioning.This card says the solar plexus is in need of some energy healing, that there are some places in you that still don't believe you are worthy of the rewards you are now seeing. This is old patterning and it can take time to re-write the self limiting beliefs. This card says what when you feel triggered into seeing only judgement and fear when good things are happening in your life, it is time to nurture yourself like a small hurt child. Pour in hopeful thoughts, a healthy physical routine and lots of support from other healthy friends and teachers. 

Practitioner Spotlight /././ Rebecca Conran October 06 2015


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