The Dreams that Don't Forget Us

Happy New Moon Loves,

When I was 19 - 22 years old I lived in Mexico on and off for a few years. I thought I was going to live in Mexico forever. I wanted to build an arts center/commune/place... The dreams of a 20-year-old. It didn’t happen then and I let the dream go and moved on with other dreams and passions. Many years later, deep into my thirties, I met my husband. He had (has) a deep love for Mexico too and we began coming back and spending time here dreaming new dreams of recording studios, retreat centers, tropical food forest gardens… We spend each winter here some months but this year we stayed into the spring, into the now. In this weird new world, I’ve had moments of asking the Universe if we will ever leave.

These days are strange. Maybe time and movement will just stop and we will stay here forever. Maybe the dreams we had twenty years ago weren’t dreams but were deep knowings of things that were to come. 

These days have it all, high highs and low lows. Myself and the the people I talk to: We’re being graced both with moments of clarity and moments of grief and all the in-betweens. All the moments! We are in the magnifying glass. In the cooker. I pray we will come out purified, clearer, more grateful, more grounded. 

The new moon brings the shadows to the surface, fears, doubts worries: if you are feeling them, know they are coming up to come out. Say hello to them. Don’t attach to them. Don’t attach to any emotion. Let them pass through you. Watch them. Treat them kindly. Treat yourself kindly. We’re moving through the shadows. Just keep moving, gently, internally, through the emotional worlds, keep moving.

Our dreams, they don’t forget us. The shadows we have to move through, we must move through. If we skip a lesson it will come back to us. Keep surrendering. Keep praying. I am praying with you for peace and happiness and healing for all beings everywhere.

It’s worth moving through the shadows. I promise.

Lisa & Maha Rose


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