A Letter from Padma

Dear Maha Family,

There is more I want to share... After the zoom closing ceremony, I felt some grief and more images and memories came to my mind. 

It has been my honor and a blessing to be a healer. I have never identified with any label in my life, not as an artist or as a healer. But when I met Lisa twenty-four years ago I remember she was at my house in Mexico and she said, “Do you want to have a healing art center sometime in the future in Mexico?" I thought, “Sure, why not?" It wasn’t until almost ten years later that I started to visit her in New York City and slowly the healing art center began. I remember meditating there and working with her friends. I was an intuitive bodyworker and I would spend up to three hours in a session and charge fifty dollars. We use to play, laugh a lot, be wildly creative and interact with people on the street. Sometimes it felt as if we were performance artists. 

In 2007 when Lisa and I met Amma in New York, things got stronger and more defined. I moved to India three weeks after meeting her, and Lisa kept creating Maha Rose.  When I would visit from India in those early years I remember coming and staying at Maha Rose. She and I would move furniture, paint, create and envision the space. I would give workshops and treat people. My connection to Amma was shifting my entire life.  

Maha Rose for me was a place of worship, my cave. During my time in New York I would spend full days there, barely even going outside. It brought out the internal hermit in me. This year it’s thirteen years now that I have been living in Ammas ashram in India.  Every time I would come back to America I felt so blessed and safe and happy to walk into Maha Rose. It was Amma’s place for me, a spiritual heart in a big city where I could connect to Goddess. 

Slowly, I was becoming more detached from the experiences of city life, but happy to be there for what I knew I needed to do. The support was always there. This year has been a year of forced detachment on many levels: people and places, mindsets and behaviors. Living with a spiritual master in India is at times challenging. The whole purpose of spirituality is to detach from every identification one may have about oneself and the ego. When we are ready, the master starts working on removing what’s not you, so that you rely and attach more fully on the eternal aspect of your being and not on the temporary things of life. Those things will eventually drop away. I would like to reach a state one day where I have absolute faith, love and freedom. That is why I am here. This is a holy land and a sacred experience. Every experience that led me to meeting my teacher was an orchestration of the Divine. I believe that we have incredible power to inspire one another, sometimes we may not even realize the impact we can have on others but even the smallest action made in love can have a lifelong impact. Or vice versa.. 

Now that the Brooklyn Maha Rose is closing I see a chapter in my life closing. It was revealing and inspiring to co-create with Lisa and to be touched by so many people throughout the years. My heart grew from hearing the stories and sharing the sorrows and joys of the many people I worked with. The biggest blessing for me was to serve Amma, my teacher and to help others. Thank you to all the people who came and saw me in that space and opened your hearts.  

I pray that in these difficult times in New York and the world, that everyone finds the spirituality they need to feel loved and connected. This virus will not exist forever, but while we are all in this collective lesson, let us listen deeply to the messages that mother nature and our spirits are giving us. May we have the courage to grow into what is the next right step for each one of us, shedding more of the false identites that cloud our purity and goodness. Even in a time of so much chaos, the invisible love and gentle caresses of the great absolute spirit are there within each one of us, supporting us through it all.  

It’s only a breath away, the nearest of the near and at times, can also feel like the furthest of the far.. But in truth, it is neither near nor far. There is only THAT and nothing else because that wonderful intelligent mystery is in everything and everyone, in every grain of sand and stone and being. So now this closes and something else opens. In truth there is neither opening or closing, it just IS… ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE. 

Thank you Brooklyn Maha Rose, my BEAUTIFUL love. I offer all my work to the universal Mother, my teacher Amma, and pray that she keeps us all safe and protected and cheerful. "Not to worry you are mother’s child, why fear if I am with you?" she says, "Lay it all at my feet, I will protect you." Mother is not one person but the primordial essence of manifestation where all life comes from.. the mother principle of all... the creative force.

Mother Nature Madre Santa, Madre Tierra,

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Padma & Maha Rose

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