Hello Loves,
Coming down to Mazunte this year I felt extra magic, extra love and gratitude for this yearly pilgrimage. I didn’t expect to get dengue. I didn’t expect that magic. And it’s been a harder magic to accept. When I got stung by a scorpion I stayed very objective, “what an interesting experience. But getting dengue has been a fear of mine. All the mosquito borne illnesses strike fear in me. My husband and a few others have gotten it this year also. It’s something I never wanted to happen to anybody ever. We’re fumigating and telling people to bathe in repellent. Besides that it’s hard to know what else to do. I’m praying a lot. “Bless and protect” is my mantra.

It’s an uncertain time in the world. Being in a physical body is uncertain. Anything can happen. All the things do happen. I have moments when I’m sick of feeling amazed that we all live through the things we do.

We’re strong, us humans. And resilient. In some ways we have no choice. This is what we’ve signed up for with life in a human body.

Praying for health, happiness and safety for all beings everywhere.
Lisa & Maha Rose