Happy New Moon Loves,

Endings and beginnings. Sunday was the last day Maha Rose at 97 Green street was open to the public.

Pausing to reflect this morning in meditation on the past seventeen years. Thinking about the successes and the failures. It's an interesting thing with spiritual business, the personal is professional. Healing as a business. It's a delicate art and filled with grey areas: our own challenges, our own blind spots. Most of the people I've met who are in the healing world, myself included, have come through the doorways of our own wounds. 

Then here we are, working professionals but still unhealed healers. And the thing is- until we are totally enlightened (someday, hopefully...) we will remain unhealed healers. 

It can get messy. This thing called life. It's messy. My favorite description of reiki from 
Luke Simon, years ago, I think it was you Luke? said that reiki is like combing out the energetic body.  We can get kinked up, tied up in knots, karmically tangled with others. Humans and healers alike, it's messy.

I'm grateful for some time to slow down, reflect on these past chapters and vision and listen for what's next.

Right now I'm still in a tender place of letting go, feeling all the feelings, surrendering, letting go some more.

Here's one of my all-time favorite photos of Maha Rose, taken by Monica Kapoor. Our door in the fall, circa 2010, the shadow of the tree that I watched grow over the years. Here with no leaves, having let go completely, surrendering to the next season of change and growth.

Thank you God. Thank you Goddess. Thank you Maha Rose. Thank you Amma. Thank you to all of you for being a part of it. Thank you Mariko Tamegai for the distance reiki on Sunday, to help me slow down, cry some more, remember Green street in the early 2000s, remember there’s more to write. More to remember. More to come.

If you're free this eve come to Trae Harris' New Moon Glo Up Ceremony. We have online workshops and healing sessions available for the next month before we go into hibernation/sabbatical/retreat September 18th...

Lisa & Maha Rose

" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> New Moon Reflections
Dear Maha Family,

There is more I want to share... After the zoom closing ceremony, I felt some grief and more images and memories came to my mind. 

It has been my honor and a blessing to be a healer. I have never identified with any label in my life, not as an artist or as a healer. But when I met Lisa twenty-four years ago I remember she was at my house in Mexico and she said, “Do you want to have a healing art center sometime in the future in Mexico?" I thought, “Sure, why not?" It wasn’t until almost ten years later that I started to visit her in New York City and slowly the healing art center began. I remember meditating there and working with her friends. I was an intuitive bodyworker and I would spend up to three hours in a session and charge fifty dollars. We use to play, laugh a lot, be wildly creative and interact with people on the street. Sometimes it felt as if we were performance artists. 

In 2007 when Lisa and I met Amma in New York, things got stronger and more defined. I moved to India three weeks after meeting her, and Lisa kept creating Maha Rose.  When I would visit from India in those early years I remember coming and staying at Maha Rose. She and I would move furniture, paint, create and envision the space. I would give workshops and treat people. My connection to Amma was shifting my entire life.  

Maha Rose for me was a place of worship, my cave. During my time in New York I would spend full days there, barely even going outside. It brought out the internal hermit in me. This year it’s thirteen years now that I have been living in Ammas ashram in India.  Every time I would come back to America I felt so blessed and safe and happy to walk into Maha Rose. It was Amma’s place for me, a spiritual heart in a big city where I could connect to Goddess. 

Slowly, I was becoming more detached from the experiences of city life, but happy to be there for what I knew I needed to do. The support was always there. This year has been a year of forced detachment on many levels: people and places, mindsets and behaviors. Living with a spiritual master in India is at times challenging. The whole purpose of spirituality is to detach from every identification one may have about oneself and the ego. When we are ready, the master starts working on removing what’s not you, so that you rely and attach more fully on the eternal aspect of your being and not on the temporary things of life. Those things will eventually drop away. I would like to reach a state one day where I have absolute faith, love and freedom. That is why I am here. This is a holy land and a sacred experience. Every experience that led me to meeting my teacher was an orchestration of the Divine. I believe that we have incredible power to inspire one another, sometimes we may not even realize the impact we can have on others but even the smallest action made in love can have a lifelong impact. Or vice versa.. 

Now that the Brooklyn Maha Rose is closing I see a chapter in my life closing. It was revealing and inspiring to co-create with Lisa and to be touched by so many people throughout the years. My heart grew from hearing the stories and sharing the sorrows and joys of the many people I worked with. The biggest blessing for me was to serve Amma, my teacher and to help others. Thank you to all the people who came and saw me in that space and opened your hearts.  

I pray that in these difficult times in New York and the world, that everyone finds the spirituality they need to feel loved and connected. This virus will not exist forever, but while we are all in this collective lesson, let us listen deeply to the messages that mother nature and our spirits are giving us. May we have the courage to grow into what is the next right step for each one of us, shedding more of the false identites that cloud our purity and goodness. Even in a time of so much chaos, the invisible love and gentle caresses of the great absolute spirit are there within each one of us, supporting us through it all.  

It’s only a breath away, the nearest of the near and at times, can also feel like the furthest of the far.. But in truth, it is neither near nor far. There is only THAT and nothing else because that wonderful intelligent mystery is in everything and everyone, in every grain of sand and stone and being. So now this closes and something else opens. In truth there is neither opening or closing, it just IS… ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL BE. 

Thank you Brooklyn Maha Rose, my BEAUTIFUL love. I offer all my work to the universal Mother, my teacher Amma, and pray that she keeps us all safe and protected and cheerful. "Not to worry you are mother’s child, why fear if I am with you?" she says, "Lay it all at my feet, I will protect you." Mother is not one person but the primordial essence of manifestation where all life comes from.. the mother principle of all... the creative force.

Mother Nature Madre Santa, Madre Tierra,

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

Padma & Maha Rose
" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> A Letter from Padma
Hello Loves,

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to say goodbye to the Brooklyn space last night. Thank you LaVonne, Luke, Morgan & Padma for guiding the magic. I really felt the magic of Maha Rose and the magic of all of you and what we have created together. 

The ceremony helped me to remember a few things: 

I believe in miracles.

I believe in magic.

I believe in Love.

I believe in the ability of each of us to heal.

I believe we each have unique gifts and healing to share with the world.

I believe in community and that together, we can create exponential beauty, possibility and healing.

One of the original intentions of Maha Rose is to help us to remember who we are and what we are here for. These are challenging times. It's hard to speak about magic when there is so much suffering in the world. But maybe we all need magic even more. We need to be aware of the magic we do hold, that we are all artists, and that we are creating new worlds. 

What do we want to create? 

I needed to be reminded of my magic and reminded that miracles can happen. That we each hold big love in our hearts and our hands. Thank you Maha Rose for reminding me of that last night.

Now, more than ever, we need to tap into our magic and be super intentional about the new chapters and the new worlds we are creating. We’re in a portal. A moment of destruction and creation. What do we want to create together? I look forward to dreaming the highest dreams together and then making them real on earth.

With Love & Gratitude & Infinite Possibility,
Lisa & Maha Rose" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> Magic, Miracles & Infinite Possibilities
Hello Loves,

Thank you so much for the unbelievable love, support and sweetness you’ve shared since we announced Maha Rose is closing it’s physical location in Brooklyn. It will take me some time to respond to all the love but we are receiving it. Thank you. 

I also wished I had written last week that Maha Rose was created by thousands of angels, human and otherwise. That she was maintained, nurtured and loved by countless angels. There are way too many to list but maybe someday I will write that list and no matter what it would never be complete. Because each person who loved Maha Rose made her brighter, warmer, bigger, cozier. Kind of like the velveteen rabbit, “When you love something you make it real.” All of your love fed and sustained her.

I’m an artist and I love to create spaces. Real live, physical spaces. My first and second healing modalities were massage and then reiki. I like to things. I like to touch people. I like to hug. This time of Covid has been challenging. I can’t touch people physically. I can’t touch Maha Rose to say goodbye.

I’m mourning the loss of the physical space of Maha Rose and trying to navigate our way forward at the same time. We’re in a time of dissolution. So many things are dying. The world as we knew it. So much of that is so good to let go of. Thank you God. We need new ways forward. Some of it is sad, the losses of people and places we’ve all loved.

It’s hard for me to imagine the future while in the process of letting go of the past. I think this is another thing that will need to die: all that forward momentum.

Slowing down to be in the process of right now: feeling more deeply into the present moment. Surrendering to the dissolving. Like the caterpillar in the chrysalis that isn’t yet a butterfly. Transformation takes time. Be gentle with yourself caterpillar butterflies. It’s ok to dissolve. It’s good, these parts we are letting die. This transformation we are each going through. It’s good. It’s necessary. 

Life is long and there will be many deaths. Or life is short but there will be many births. So many cycles of life.

Love to you,
Lisa and Maha Rose
" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> The Chrysalis

Hello Loves,

I hope this day finds you well.

It is with sadness, gratitude and trust that I want to let you know that we have decided to close the Brooklyn location of Maha Rose. 

Thank you for the love and time, energy and trust you have put into Maha Rose. I’m sorry that I can't tell each of you this news personally. 

In 2003 I moved into the loft that became the original Maha Rose. From 2006-2010 the original seeds and roots were sown with Padma Gonzalez, 
Luke Simon and other friends, artists and spiritual seekers. Seven years ago we opened as a full-time business. It's held many magical and transformative chapters of my life. To say that it's not a death would be a lie. I've been grieving for Maha Rose and for the loss of New York as we all knew and loved it. I have moments of excitement as well for whatever will be birthed after, in the new world. Post 2020: Who will we all be? What will we need? What will the earth need? What will healing look like and how will we be able to serve you? Time will reveal all.

For now, we will continue with online workshops and healing sessions, please come and share virtual space with us. We hope to be able to hold retreats and experiences upstate at Maha Rose North and in Mexico in the future. Goddess willing, who knows what her plans for us are... I'm trying to trust as much as possible as the ground moves beneath us. 

Thank you so much for being a part of Maha Rose. Maha Rose wouldn't be Maha Rose without you. Trusting that with change and transformation will come new beginnings and opportunities for us all.

We'll be opening up the retail shop for a closing sale, subscribe to our newsletter for details and dates. Wear your mask and come say goodbye. All retail will be 25% off. 

Lisa & Maha Rose

" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> News of Transformation

Hello Loves,

Everyone deserves healing.

I hope you are doing well and that you are taking care of yourself. I pray that the pain and trauma being unearthed in each of us is bringing us to a better tomorrow. I pray that any pain you are experiencing at this moment will bring yourself and all beings to liberation.

Healing isn’t easy. In this time it feels like generations of ancestors are rising up asking for the healing they didn't receive. They say when we get on the spiritual path many generations before us and many generations after us benefit from the work we do. Spiritual work is not selfish. Healing work is not selfish. It benefits everyone, those close to us, and those not even close to us. 

When we are willing to do the work, miracles can happen. We’re being asked to heal a lot right now, all people, all colors, I see you digging into your histories, your hidden psyches, uncovering the wounded parts, the ugly parts, the parts we wish didn’t exist. This is an important part of the healing process. It’s a big part of healing: going in, seeing the ugly parts, releasing them, shifting the patterns. We’re doing it collectively and individually. 

There is work and healing that white people must do together. There is healing that black people can only do with other black people. Different wounds are healed in different ways. Different people heal in different ways. Some types of healing we need to go within our groups, with others who share our histories, traumas or patterns. Women’s work, men’s work, queer work, the work of the addict. We do work with those who understand our wounds and patterns.

It takes a lot to do any of this. Praying for our collective awakening.

Simone Small, Morgan Murray and I are working closely together and with our community of healers to bring you more healing for these times on earth. We will be rolling out more curated programming, scholarships and community programs as this year unfolds. Please stay tuned. We’re excited and hopeful for what’s to come.

If you're able please join us this evening for The Roots of Our Practice, led by Baba Ifasanami Erwin Thomas, Sunder Ashni, and Jordan Pagan on decolonizing wellness. The Maha Rose portion of the proceeds of this event will go to The Association for Black Economic Power.

Lisa & Maha Rose

" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> Willing to Heal
Use Code: HEAL for Individual Sessions
Use Code: HEALING for Workshops

If we aren’t the ones you want or need right now check out these amazing healing centers owned and operated by BIPOC:

33rd & Rising
Minka Brooklyn

Other ways to get involved:

Simone Small, our Director of Corporate Wellness started a campaign called #DivergefromNYPD, please check it out here, Change.Org.

"Letter from a Region in my Mind", Essay by James Baldwin from 1962.


Love to you all, praying for us all, for peace for all beings.

Lisa & Maha Rose

" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> Action Steps
Joy Vibration with me every Monday at 5:15 EST.

A Reiki 2 Refresher for those of you who have taken reiki 2 but need a little practice and help to remember how to send Reiki long distance.

I’m also leading a Spiritual Business Support Group for those of us entrepreneurs who could use some support right now.

And for fun and creativity, I am teaching a Tie-Dye at Home workshop on May 30th. If you want to take this class you have to get your supplies now, details on the workshop page.

Art, healing, and spirituality. These are the things that are keeping me sane and connected and grateful. I’m happy to share them with you.

We’ve also been having lots of fun putting these care packages together and getting our crystal inventory up online.

The last thing, I’ll be on MindBloom online on Saturday discussing mental health and wellness in turbulent times. sign up here.

Alright, my loves. Wherever you are at we are going to get through this and be stronger and clearer and more connected on the other side.

Lots of Love,
Lisa & Maha Rose" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> Fire & Grace

Hello Loves,

I want to talk about Love. Capital L Love. I’ve had some real moments recently feeling the Love. Feeling moved by love. Nothing like a little (or a lot) of separation to make us appreciate the ones we love, the places we love and the people who move us.

I feel moved almost daily. There are many little moments of appreciation that are the sparkles in my days. There’s something about having so much taken away that really helps us appreciate the little things. It is actually making me want to take more things away. Strip it down even more. We didn’t need all that extra stuff. With the quiet, I hear more loudly the clutter of my mind. The ten thousand voices of the world all vying for our attention. That’s not where I’m finding the love. The news does move me. I’m moved by what we’re going through. What other people are going through. It’s all so real. Many chapters long, we won’t forget this period. We’ll remember how we felt. We’ll remember where we were, how we passed the time. No pressure. If it’s hard, it’s hard. We’ll remember that it was hard but that we got through it. But if there are moments of love, I want to remember those. So I’m writing them to you, to us, to remember.

If there hasn’t been much love, try looking for it. It’s a practice. Sometimes not. Sometimes love just comes, like grace. But other times we have to work harder for it. Loving ourselves, those we are confined with, our families, our neighbors, whoever. Sometimes it’s work. But it’s worth it.

We’re making it through. We’re learning. We’re growing. Sometimes two steps forward, one step backward. We can love ourselves through it all. We can keep sending love out into the world. We can keep praying for peace and for healing for everyone.

I love you, thanks for showing up however you are.

Lisa & Maha Rose

" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> Hello Loves

Happy New Moon Loves,

When I was 19 - 22 years old I lived in Mexico on and off for a few years. I thought I was going to live in Mexico forever. I wanted to build an arts center/commune/place... The dreams of a 20-year-old. It didn’t happen then and I let the dream go and moved on with other dreams and passions. Many years later, deep into my thirties, I met my husband. He had (has) a deep love for Mexico too and we began coming back and spending time here dreaming new dreams of recording studios, retreat centers, tropical food forest gardens… We spend each winter here some months but this year we stayed into the spring, into the now. In this weird new world, I’ve had moments of asking the Universe if we will ever leave.

These days are strange. Maybe time and movement will just stop and we will stay here forever. Maybe the dreams we had twenty years ago weren’t dreams but were deep knowings of things that were to come. 

These days have it all, high highs and low lows. Myself and the the people I talk to: We’re being graced both with moments of clarity and moments of grief and all the in-betweens. All the moments! We are in the magnifying glass. In the cooker. I pray we will come out purified, clearer, more grateful, more grounded. 

The new moon brings the shadows to the surface, fears, doubts worries: if you are feeling them, know they are coming up to come out. Say hello to them. Don’t attach to them. Don’t attach to any emotion. Let them pass through you. Watch them. Treat them kindly. Treat yourself kindly. We’re moving through the shadows. Just keep moving, gently, internally, through the emotional worlds, keep moving.

Our dreams, they don’t forget us. The shadows we have to move through, we must move through. If we skip a lesson it will come back to us. Keep surrendering. Keep praying. I am praying with you for peace and happiness and healing for all beings everywhere.

It’s worth moving through the shadows. I promise.

Lisa & Maha Rose


" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> The Dreams that Don
Hello Loves,

I hope you all are doing as well as possible and settling into this time. I feel like the initial shock has passed and the resiliency of humans is helping us to find some new “normals” for this time. Whatever you are feeling is valid. I hope you are being extra gentle and extra loving with yourself and whatever other humans are close by to you these days. I have days where I feel calm and grateful for this slowed down period and days where I feel all the other things! I know how good I have it and I remind myself to come back to gratitude and trust.

Faith is going to get us through this time. Faith is what gets us through any challenging times. Faith and surrender. This is what is happening. Ok. I may not like it but I can try to accept it. I trust the process of life.

Time still goes fast and in some time soon we will look back at this period and say “Wow." "Wow and that was _______________________!$#*(^#$%&!!! !” It’s like a graduate Ph.D. program we're in right now of life and spirituality. That’s really all I keep coming back to. It’s the spiritual teachings that will get us through the tough periods of life.

We can’t hold on to the things of the world because they are all temporary, and all passing. I’m quarantined at the beach,  an amazing place to be right now. Building sandcastles with my son and then watching the ocean come and washing them all back into the sea. Just like life. I’m a builder and I love to build. Maha Rose is my first baby and it’s been such a dream building her and watching her grow. I’m definitely attached to her and hope she stays for many years to come but I remind myself that she too will be washed back into the sea someday.

I think we will get through this time and come out on the other side. I hope we will and I thank you all who are coming to workshops and booking sessions and buying gift certificates. Your love and support are felt and so appreciated. I’ve taken a few classes and taught a few classes myself and it’s amazing the community, learning and experience that can be felt through technology.

Get your tools on. Reach out if you need help. Surrender as much as you can. Release the need to control. Ask for guidance. Ask for help. Keep praying. Keep praying. Keep praying.

We love you,
Lisa & Maha Rose

" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> Faith & Surrender
Happy New Moon Loves,

I don’t know what the future holds, it is a mystery to us all right now. But we can surely do our best to try to stay in the present moment, to stay in gratitude, to stay in prayer.

I felt a little stuck writing you this week. 

We decided last week to weather the storm from here in Mazunte, Mexico. It is just beginning to hit here and there are different speculations as to how hard, and if, and when. So, we’ve done the grocery shopping and are doing the social distancing and are battening down the hatches for the duration.

There are a million messages right now. Many beautiful and inspiring...

I appreciated something Nick Werber shared, that we are all the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of survivors. We wouldn’t be here otherwise. Our ancestors survived worse times than these.

Many of us have better tools than our grandparents had and they made it.

In Mexico, there is less news. We don’t know the exact number of cases that are near us, but the shops are closing and the restaurants are closing. In Mazunte, it's an economy built mostly around tourism and the tourists are lessening. It’s also an economy where most people can’t afford to stop working.

I don’t know how to help here. It’s ok right now, but after two months, three months, I don’t know. I’m not afraid for myself but I’m afraid for the poor of the world. Over and over getting the short end of the stick.

I don’t have answers. I’m not sure how to help right now, but I want to. I love you Mexico and I’m here to ride this out with you. I hope we are all stronger and kinder on the other side. 

With love and gratitude and prayers for peace for all beings,

Lisa and Maha Rose

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bavantu

" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> More Prayers
Hello Loves,

We’re in it. We knew things on earth were going to change and now they are. Let's slow down, take good care of ourselves and whoever else we can, be kind and pace ourselves. This isn’t a hurricane that passes through quickly. It’s a good, strong message from the earth that is going to stay, I believe until we really get the message.

How long will that take? Hard to say. The earth has been telling us to change our ways for a long time but we weren’t listening enough. I pray our leaders will listen now. There are many good lessons for each of us from this time on earth.

The hard times bring us closer to God and truth and love if we let them. Hold on tightly to the divine, pray, meditate. Spend some quiet time with yourself. I had a dream last night where I was remembering how much I like to spend time alone with myself.

The news is hypnotizing. There are a million messages coming at us all at once. But the best messages come from within.

Quietly with myself, in meditation and prayer I feel ok, ready for all that’s to come; trusting God, trusting nature and her process. Let’s use this time to pray and to rest and to dream of new ways on earth. This can be the quiet time we haven’t had in a long time...

There is wisdom and beauty to be found in the slowing down. I pray that we all find what is hidden in this challenge for each of us.

We love you. We’re rolling out the online classes and remote sessions. If you are having a hard time, reach out! We have so much help and technology to connect us even if we are physically far.

We are all connected. May we find that connection within as well. 

May all beings everywhere be happy.

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bavantu

Lisa & Maha Rose

" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> Pace Yourself

Hello Loves,

We’re living in times filled with fear. I’ve gone through a few of my own recently. Certainly, the collective consciousness is a fear-based one: all the things that could go wrong or kill us... this is most of what we hear about.

We will die. We will get sick and we will die eventually. Maybe the thing we are afraid of will get us. Maybe something else will. Getting sick down here this year I really felt how the fear surrounding the sickness was worse than the actual sickness.

I’m looking at you fear.

I’m also thinking about Vedic astrology a lot and wondering how much of it all is written? And my question then is if we have a fear is it because we know on some gut level that that thing will happen? Or is it that we call our fears? Or that the thing happened to our grandmother or great grandmother, grandfather and the fear of it is written into our DNA somewhere? Or maybe that thing happened to us in a past life?

We’ve lived so many times, I believe. We’ve had so many experiences. Some of the fears are probably healthy, life-saving fears to have. But some others, they might not do anything helpful, only keeping us up at night afraid, anxious. 

I’m spending this time getting to know some lingering fears of mine. I don’t have any new solutions except to see them, talk to them, draw them pictures, give them to god, goddess, the earth. Ask her to take them, transform them. Ask her to hold us close in the uncertainty of life.

If we can find peace in the mind then we’ve found peace.
When we release our fears how light will we be? How free will we be?
I remember being fearless. I’ve felt her. I hope to feel her again. She’s so good.
May we lay down our fears.
May we embrace the unknown, each other, this life...

May we be released from our parents' fears. May we be released from our grandparents and great grandparents fears.

May our children be free from our fears.
May we all be happy and free.
May we all be happy.

Lisa and Maha Rose

" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> THE FEAR IS WORSE THAN THE THING
Hello Loves,

I’ve turned a corner. I had some dark moments of questioning it all when I was sick. Viruses can do that, sickness affects the mind as well as the body. The stress of holding space for retreats- I had moments of questioning if it’s worth it. But these past few days seeing people come out of Nick Werber’s retreat, seeing Nick and his wife Jenn after his retreat, I know it’s worth it. This week having Christina Cross here for her retreat it all feels worth it. Talking to the people in her retreat, participating in an 
akashic records class with them today I feel in my bones the value of this work.

Retreats are like recharging stations. Those of us who came here from other places, those of us who signed up to do this work in this life, sometimes we get burnt out, sometimes we toast our nervous systems to a crisp because we do so much, we hold so much space for others. We said we wanted to burn through karmas in this lifetime and so we were born into whatever abusive, addictive, confusing home we were born into. We said we wanted to know God, goddess. And then we went hard into service. So when we come together into these sacred circles where we have met each other in lifetimes past we remember who we are. We reflect each other’s light and love. We discharge the excess unhelpful energies from our nervous systems and our bodies. And we recharge light, love and healing energy. We release anything that’s accumulated.

Doing this work in this sacred vortex of Mazunte is like a triple charging station/ initiation. Not only do we recharge but whatever real-life relationships or situations are out of alignment may get scrubbed out quickly. I tell people coming out of my retreats to not quit their job or break up with their partners for at least two weeks following a retreat. Because retreats shake us and sometimes then we want to shake off all the things that no longer fit us. I got shaken real hard this year. But you know what fell out when I went in to heal it? Fear, not just new fear but old fear from childhood as well. The new fears activated and held on to the old fears and they all shook out together. In the healing part of the shaking dance. That’s the second part. The first part is the Universe shaking us real hard and the second part is the self-healing shaking to shake out and off whatever’s come to the surface to be released.

It’s good to get shaken sometimes. We might never choose it intentionally but afterwards wow. Experience. All these human experiences. I felt that also today in looking back at my experience. That it was just an experience. We label things positive or negative but what happens when we just let it be an experience? Neither good nor bad. Just something that happened to move some other things.

I’m still processing it all. but feeling back in it. Back in the flow, back in the magic of Mazunte. Probably a little stronger and a little more flexible.

I love you all. I wish strength and flexibility for you all too. Health and happiness for all beings everywhere.

Lisa and Maha Rose" class="item-blog-img pos-relative dis-block hov-img-zoom"> WHEN YOU GET SHAKEN